Woman with open shirt showing the skin of her decolletage!

Neck and decolletage

Décolletage Care

Exposing your décolletage to the elements can cause ageing, but if you know how to protect this delicate area you will always be sexy! Décolletage and Salon Care Treatments for You will help protect your décolletage from the elements.

When the skin on our necks start to sag and the texture looks crepey, our hearts begin to sink.  But take heart, it is just a matter of understanding that the skin on your neck is very different from the skin on your face.

At Dermal Essence, we treat the neck and décolletage differently to the face.   We do this by using different lotions or creams according to the treatment you are having.   All our facials include our wonderful massage with Dr Spiller neck and décolletage lotion.

When your décolletage requires an extra special treatment, we can add on our specialised:  Neck and Décolletage Salon Care Treatments for You with serums and creams that penetrate deep into the skin for optimum results.  When adding this décolletage infusion to the facial we will apply the décolletage serum with ultrasonic waves and then apply a fleece mask with e-poration to promote lymphatic drainage and totally relax your jaw, neck, décolletage and shoulders.  To find out more about our different microcurrent infusions go to this link:  https://dermalessence.com.au/skin-specific-microcurrents/ 

This treatment will help to tighten and strengthen the tissue.  The natural concentration of plant extract in the serum is “Kigelia Africana”  with its flavonoids it will stimulate blood circulation, protect and slow down the ageing process by reducing lines, giving the skin a velvety texture.  The added benefit of the aloe Vera plant is anti-inflammatory, hydrating, cooling, softening, soothing, refreshing and tightening.

We recommended to use this treatment in combination with your facial treatment and at home always apply our nourishing Dr Spiller décolletage lotion.