We Specialise in Personalised Facials for Every Skin Condition

From Ageing, Pigmentation, Sensitivity, Dehydration, and Breakouts

We start by addressing your current regime – we need to know this so we can personalize your facial for your best results. There may be just one step in your routine that is causing the problem or there may be many.

What prompted you to look for a solution and how long has it been happening?

Just know that when you leave you will have the prescriptive key to better skin health.  Sometimes it will happen with just one treatment.  Other more serious conditions may require a series of treatments.

We don’t leave you on your own, we prepare a personalized home care prescription routine to address your skin concerns, and sometimes it may be multi-faceted.  But, just know it will also be personalized to your lifestyle with an easy-to-follow routine.

After All Looking Good Helps you to feel Good!

O U R   S I G N A T U R E   F A C I A L S

Our Signature Range of facials are individually designed to target the five main skin concerns:
Ageing, Pigmentation Sensitivity, Dehydration, and Breakouts.


Rediscover your glow with our introductory Hydration Facial individually designed to target your skin concern to help you feel an instant difference

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$105 (30 minutes)

Refresh and deep cleanse with natural organic Enzymes that gently dissolve dead cells resulting in immediately clearer and softer skin. 

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$160 (45 minutes)

Relax and enhance your senses with Enzymes and prescriptive Active ingredient infusions to stimulate cellular rejuvenation and awaken your skin. 

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$195 (60 minutes)

Infusion treatments start with an infusion of active ingredients from a prescriptive ampoule.  A Cooling Peel Off Mask with special actives helps to deeply infuse the actives into the skin to make a real difference.

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$285 (75 minutes)

Fleece masks infuse active ingredients  deeply into skin to make a real difference.

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$295 (75 minutes)

For demanding skins lacking elasticity and to combat expression lines and wrinkles. The radical increase in moisture from this treatment leaves the complexion youthfully smooth and supple.

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$300 (90 minutes)

F A C I A L S   F O R   M E N

Male skin can now achieve its full potential with specially formulated, quality treatments and prescriptive products.

Irritations are quickly soothed, and environmental stress blown away with a de-stressing and vaporising cleanse, gentle peeling and exclusive pressure-point massage.

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$160 (45 minutes)

Enzyme Peeling to awaken tone and smooth while an invigorating massage increases the vitality and firmness of the skin. Your treatment is completed with an Algae Peel Off Mask tailored just for you. 

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$220 (60 minutes)

T E E N A G E   S K I N

The products we use in our Teenage Skin Treatments are based on passive hydration that allows sebum, the skin’s natural moisturiser to prevent moisture loss from the skin.

Our Teen Facials promote a clear, healthy, and glowing complexion. You will immediately feel a calming of irritation and deep clearing of impurities to rebalance the skin.

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$125 (45 minutes)

If further attention is required to purify the skin, a more in-depth treatment is performed to not only lift impurities but to decongest and clear impurities.

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$140 (60 minutes)

Add Extractions $20 (15 minutes)

H E R B A L   A C T I V   P E E L S

Alex Cosmetics Herbal Aktiv Peel is a successful proven natural peeling method for skin regeneration going back over 50 years!

In just one session, this 35 minute treatment will make a visible difference to your skin. It’s a great lunch time pick-me-up with no visible redness afterwards.

Refreshing corrective treatment to boost your skin’s micro-circulation and metabolism to lift those deep-rooted problems. Provides immediate glowing, plumped skin.

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$175 (35 minutes)

This treatment is a real luxurious way to create that WOW! Factor and treat your skin at the same time.

A refreshing way to boost your skin’s micro-circulation and metabolism. Provides immediate glowing, plumped skin.

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$260 (60 minutes)

The power of the herbs is used to firm, freshen, tone and detox.

The effects of the Phyto treatments are similar to microdermabrasion, without impairing the acid mantle.

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$285 (60 minutes)

Imagine glowing, clear and fresh skin in just 5 days.

The unique skin resurfacing treatment based on natural botanicals designed to speed up the cycle of skin renewal, improving the appearance of your skin.

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$705 (5 day treatment schedule)

Course of 4 x Weekly Treatments just $512! (Normal Price $640)

Course of 6 Weekly Treatments just $720! (Normal Price $960)

L E D  P H O T O B I O M O D U L A T I O N


LED stands for light-emitting diode.  Led light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that enters the skin’s layers to improve the skin.

These lights have been used since the 1960s, but have only recently been used in skin treatments.

Today we use LED Light therapy to treat a range of skin issues.  At Dermal Essence we often use LED Light therapies together with other treatments to incorporate the active ingredients of ampoules and serums into the skin during our Facial Protocols.

Phone 08 8981 7425 and talk to us about a treatment plan for you.

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H A I R   R E M O VA L

There are many modalities for hair removal we will help you choose a modality to suit you and your hair growth.

We perform two methods of removing hair with the strip wax and the ultra-flexible hot wax.

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The sweetest hair removal method! Up-to-date version of Cleopatra’s Gold, based on middle eastern recipe contains only water and sugar, no chemical fragrances or colouring additives.

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Electrolysis uses electronic energy. A tiny needle is inserted into the hair follicle where the undesired hair growth occurs.  A current is passed through the needle to the cell responsible for the hair’s growth and destroys the cell.

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F I N I S H I N G   T O U C H E S

Accentuate the natural shape of your brows with careful waxing, trimming and tweezing to create balance.

$26 (20 minutes)

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Eyebrow tinting adds the desired depth of colour to your brows to enhance your individual features.

$30 (20 minutes)

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Eyelashes will look longer and thicker to create the effect of mascara.

$35 (20 minutes)

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Enjoy pure indulgence, calm and total equilibrium with our signature products for your face, body and mind.


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