O U R   S I G N A T U R E   F A C I A L S

Our Signature Range of facials are individually designed to target the five main skin concerns:
Ageing, Pigmentation, Sensitivity, Dehydration, and Breakouts


Hydration Facial

Rediscover your glow with our Hydration Facial individually designed to target your skin concern to help you feel an instant difference.

This 30-minute treatment immediately creates a WOW factor!

The energising moisture is guaranteed to rehydrate your face and your senses starting with a gentle jojoba exfoliation under ozone vaporiser and a prescriptive mask to refine your skin. Your treatment is completed with a moisturiser chosen just for you.

$105 (30 mins)


Enzymatic Treatments

We introduce the Enzymatic Treatment to deeply exfoliate and prepare the skin to receive active healing nutrients. The biomimetic enzymes remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to feel smoother.

A Prescriptive Clay Mask refines and smooths the skin.

The treatment is completed with a prescriptive moisturizer and your choice of finishing product.

You can opt to have a prescriptive Ampoule of active ingredients massaged into the skin as an upgrade to your facial – the Cost is $25

$160 (45 mins)


Dermal Essence Signature

For all skin types. The personalizing of exfoliation with Phyto-enzymes and luxurious serums to rehydrate and give your skin a real nourishing workout.

The Dermal Essence Signature facial is so relaxing for your mind and senses and allows complete rejuvenation. We begin with Phyto enzymes under the vaporizer and continue with a prescriptive serum to stimulate cellular rejuvenation.

A Prescriptive Clay Mask seals in the serum, followed by a Massage to calm and promote lymphatic drainage. Your skin is nourished and balanced with a moisturizer prescribed just for you.

$195 (60 mins)


 Infusion Facial with Peel-Off Mask

For skins that need SPECIAL CARE. This treatment will soothe and nourish all the functions of your skin while giving you a lift.

We revitalize your skin with gentle Enzymatic exfoliation under the vaporizer to lift dead skin cells softly.

After the enzymes have done their magic they are removed with warm compresses.

A skin-specific active ampoule is gently patted and massaged into the skin. The application of a skin-specific Peel Off Mask creates warmth to deeply infuse the actives of the ampoule.

Warm compresses on the arms followed by a luxurious arm Massage and continuing to a nourishing neck and décolleté massage promote total relaxation.

The Mask is removed to reveal glowing plumped skin.

$285 (75 mins)

Anti-Ageing Peel-Off Mask is designed to restore volume and density to mature and sun-damaged skins.

Anti-Couperose Peel-Off Mask is an anti-redness and anti-inflammatory cooling mask that targets telangiectasia, flushing, and rosacea.

Whitening- Peel Off Mask is a cumulative lightening and brightening mask that targets hyper-pigmented and sun-damaged skins.

Purifying Peel Off Mask is a clarifying mask with active anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to equalize and purify breakout-affected impure complexions prone to enlarged pores pimples and acne. This mask will also restore balance and clarity to oily skin.

Skin-Specific Ampoules

  • Balance Purifying Ampoule
  • White Effect Brightening
  • Reset Repairing Ampoule
  • Rescue Calming Ampoule

Peel Off Masks

  • Papaya Peel Off
  • Whitening and Brightening
  • Age Repair
  • Anti-Couperose


  • Rough Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Redness and telangiectasias

Collagen Treatments

Collagen Fleece Treatments are designed for skins that need restructuring. The Collagen Fleece Masks used in these treatments infuse active ingredients and intensively moisturizer your skin.

These Fleece Masks are ideal carriers of active ingredients and become powerful delivery systems once they are activated with our New Xen Light Therapy Treatment as an add on to the treatment for $68 (15 min)

Fleece masks will soothe and nourish all the functions of your skin while giving you a plumping lift and improve oily skin, dry and chapped skin, impure skin, enlarged pores, lines and wrinkles, edema/fluid retention, pigmentation and freckles, diffused redness/dilated capillaries, pale and lifeless skin.

$285 (90 mins)

Collagen Fleece Masks available

  • Aloe Vera (Green) – Sensitive Skin Recovery
  • Green Tea AHA (Green) – Rejuvenation for sallow sluggish skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (Blue) – Moisture Infusion.
  • Hydra Collagen (White) – Skins that lack moisture, need regeneration and prevent the formation of lines.
  • Vitamin C (Yellow) – Pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Xen Led Therapy with NIR
Infuse the actives from the mask as well as deep tissue penetration of Near Infra Red light stimulates a photochemical reaction with cells by increasing blood flow and oxygenation while improving mitochondrial function, energy production, and cell regeneration.


CellTresor by Dr Spiller

Our CellTresor Professional Treatment is perfect for demanding skins, lacking elasticity and to combat expression lines and wrinkles. The radical increase in moisture from this treatment leaves the complexion youthfully smooth and supple.

The Dr Spiller CellTresor range helps the three main signs of ageing

  • moisture loss
  • thinning or fragile skin
  • poor elasticity

Every mature woman suffers from at least one and sometimes all three of these skin concerns”

Our CellTresor Professional Treatment is a three-phase protocol designed to help relax facial muscles, plump and firm the skin.

1. Warm ionic ThermoTone Therapy infuses the appropriate serum:

  • Penta Hyaluron Serum – moisture deficient skins,
  • Multi-stem Cell serum – demanding thin skins,
  • Ultimate Peptide serum – skins lacking elasticity and vigour.

2. This process is followed with the infusion of Hydro-release Fleece Mask with hibiscus flower extract to combat expression lines and wrinkles.

3. Enjoy an Indian Head Massage followed by with the application of CellTresor Intense Rebuilding Cream for instant moisture saturation to smooth lines.

$300 (90 mins)