Introduction to Skin Specific Micro currents  

Skin specific microcurrents used to affect different aspects of the skin. First I will explain the specific structures of the skin these currents work on.

Collagen acts as the scaffolding of skin, and over time (and age) the scaffolding collapses.  Conditions such as acne scarring also disrupt the ordered dermal scaffolding of collagen in the skin. Low levels of Elastin and Collagen cause lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

It is the remodelling of collagen that changes skin tone by improving colour, texture, wrinkles and scars.

Anti-ageing products can be useful to lift the face when they are used in conjunction with micro currents. While most other facial treatments are limited to working with the most superficial layer of the skin, this unique approach penetrates deep within the face and neck tissues eliminating wrinkles, toning the musculature and giving an overall smooth appearance and youthful glow that will have you looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Micro-current stimulates your body’s own electrical impulses to help halt, reduce, and reverse signs of premature ageing. Collagen remodelling and increased lymphatic flow is the aim of  Micro Current also known as Radio Frequency treatments.

Scientific Background:

Our body is full of flowing ions and salt solutions.  Minute bioelectrical impulses steer multiple processes in the body.  Our cells’ output can be measured, e.g. the brain (EEG), the heart (EKG), galvanic skin response (GSR) muscles (EMG).

Micro-current mimics our body’s nerve impulses.

Research at UC Berkley has shown that electrical current can orchestrate the flow of a group of cells, causing epithelial cells to migrate along a direct current electrical field.  Scientists are studying ways to use bioelectrical signals in wound healing.

In Summary Radio Frequency can:

  • Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles on cheeks, jowls, neck and around the eyes by increasing collagen and Elastin
  • This improves Skin Tone and signs of Ageing
  • Can also improve the texture of Rosacea
  • Prevent and Improve Acne Scarring
  • Reduce Puffiness around the eyes and the face.

At Dermal Essence, we use a combination of six non-invasive technologies designed to complement and intensify professional facial therapies.  In the hands of expert aestheticians, Omniwave ASM® activates the skin’s biological responses for elevated results and solution longevity.

Six Treatment modalities with Micro currents

Radio Frequency  – employs inaudible bipolar oscillating waves delivering deep skin penetration but confines waves to hypodermic and dermal layers to create a targeted and intensified action.  The resulting heat to the lower layers of the complexion induces an elastic and tautening effect.  The skin appears firmer and awakened with greater tone to slackened contours and features.

Bio Lift (Micro Current) – uses alternating electrical signals to accelerate tissue repair and recovery.  Has a healing and regenerative effect as those of acupuncture.

Ultra-Lift (EMS) Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is the elicitation and stimulation of muscular contraction via controlled electrical pulses. Electro Muscle Stimulation rehabilitates slackened function to exercise, shape and tone facial contours.  Features are lifted, toned with visibly smoother skin texture and voluminosity.

LED – Light Emitting Diodes ( 3 spectrum) Light Emitting diodes utilise non-coherent light to activate the skin’s biological response to specific light wavelength. The LED’s controlled wavelengths simultaneously stimulate, accelerate, normalise and balance skin function and processes.  Like a plant and photosynthesis, natural ATP (adenosine triphosphate) re-energises and revitalises dermal and epidermal cells. Each colour provides targeted results.

RED 700 nanometres

  • Rejuvenating increases blood flow
  • Increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients
  • Stimulates production of ATP
  • Penetrates up to 6 mm into the skin

Blue 420-500nm

  • Antibacterial, purifying, calming, relaxing – used in the treatment of impurities
  • Active on the surface of the skin – up to 0.3mm

Green 500 nm

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces redness
  • Antiseptic
  • Tyrosinase enzyme blocking
  • Reaches the Dermal Junction – 0.6mm into the skin

Safe & Effective 

  • LED has low energy density – it is a safe treatment
  • Well tolerated by all ages and skin types
  • Non-invasive and pain-free
  • Addresses a variety of skin concerns
  • Used to stimulate hair growth

E-Poration (Electroporation)

Electroporation increases the electrical conductivity and permeability of the skin’s acid mantle and cellular membranes.  Lipid membranes are effortlessly penetrated to deliver active substances and ingredients for greater cellular response and outcomes.  Water based ingredients traditionally are unable to bypass these protective layers, reducing potency and effect.  Electroporation effortlessly and comfortably delivers maximum effect to amplify treatment results.

Purpose:  to increase and facilitate the penetration of active hydrophilic and lipophilic substances into the skin.

Electroporation is presently the most innovative and effective method to infuse active and high molecular ingredients into deeper skin Zones


The ultrasonic module can be applied for two distinct purposes:

Cleansing – short ultrasonic pulses generated in cleansing mode cause OmniWave purifying gel to soften impurities and lift dirt and oil from the skin.  The skin is detoxified with renewed clarity.

Product infusion delivers continuous ultrasonic vibrations. This increases the permeability of cell membranes; concentrated actives are delivered deep into the skin.  The deep massage improves blood circulation and improves kin elasticity.  It reduces the appearance of radial lines on the upper lip as well as fine lines around the eyes.  The skin is restored to a smooth, youthful glow.