Recent research has shown women consider their skins to be dehydrated and feel this affects their confidence. They feel their skin is very important and would love to change any unwanted, imbalanced conditions.  Yet they are not sure how to change these conditions as they do not truly understand how their skin functions.

Dehydrated Conditions of the Skin.

Almost every skin is affected by dehydration at some point.  Chronic and even minor dehydration can lead to structural and functional changes that can directly contribute to premature ageing and sensitivity.

Hydrating the skin is not as simple as increasing your water intake. Skin hydration is about how the skin holds on to the water it is supplied with. For your skin to hold on to this moisture the acid mantle needs to be intact and have a perfectly balanced enzymatic activity occurring within the skin.

Without the correct balance of oil and water the enzymatic action of the cells cannot perform the metabolic processes required to utilize  minerals and vitamins to perform functions the skin requires to be healthy.  Water regulates almost every enzymatic and chemical reaction of the skin and the oil sits on top of the water to prevent evaporation.

So how do we change an impaired acid mantle?

  • protect your skin with a good biomimetic moisturizer
  • maintain hydration with water (caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the skin)
  • Increase essential fatty acids ( flax seeds, avocados and fish)
  • a healthy diet (ensure B complex vitamins and minerals are in the foods you eat)

Breakout Conditions of the Skin

Just because you have a breakout doesn’t necessarily mean you have oily skin. It can be caused by impaired desquamation activity in the skin due to lack of water.

Many outside influences can increase or decrease the desquamation process and cause excess keratinization on the skin causing open and closed comedones.

Again you need to correct the impaired acid mantle .

  • ensure correct hydration is maintained
  • protect from elements
  • increase essential fatty acids in the diet.
  • promote circulation of the skin with a good massage or ultrasonic cleanse or infusion.

Our Recommendations 

As you can see these are two skin conditions are linked to hydration of the skin.  One must be vigilant to maintain proper hydration and dietary requirements of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  Proper circulation  is maintained by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day and more if you have a condition that needs to be nourished.   Another way to  maintain hydration of the face is to have a good vaporizing facial massage.

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