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We know you trust us with your skincare.  After all, we have researched and studied to gain the knowledge to prescribe you the best level of treatments with a range of home-care products to keep your skin looking healthy and provide anti-ageing benefits.

A lot has changed in skincare through the ages and the introduction of new ideas and modalities in the cosmetic field is breathtaking.

Twenty years ago the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) based skincare ranges were on a tremendous growth curve; today we know that the daily application of acids will leave the skin in a constant state of micro-inflammation, leading to the creation of enzymes that may destroy your collagen, elastin and hyaluronan in your skin.  This very essential framework within your skin needs to be nurtured and protected.

You need to experience this Dr Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care with one of our Signature Facials to understand and perceive just how important biomimetic skincare really is.

Hydration of the Skin

Put bluntly, dehydration of the skin will lead to failure of the skin.  Scientists, dermatologists and product formulators have thoroughly compared hydration capabilities of water-based skincare vs oil-based emulsions. Some studies lasted for 12 months.  The findings seem to be universal: Water/Oil creams result in significantly longer lasting hydration of the skin.

You need to ask yourself is your skincare working for YOU?

Ask yourself “Does your skin feel red and inflamed? and tight or Dry?”   If so, you should never allow it to persist as it has a range of damaging consequences:

  • The skin’s protective abilities are compromised
  • Therefore the skin enters a state of inflammation, often perceived as ‘diffused redness’
  • This in turn leads to the creation of free radicals, closing the circle to what we call the three main causes of aeing:
    • dehydration
    • inflammation
    • and oxidation
  • And no we are not overlooking the sun as overexposure causes Inflammation & Oxidation

Elasticity of the Skin

One of the main reasons for a prematurely aged appearance of the skin is the loss of elasticity.  A recent study compared water in Oil creams to water-based creams revealed that Water in Oil creams help to improve hydration as well as elasticity, but the water based creams although they moderately increased hydration they had little effect on elasticity.

Delivery of Active Ingredient

Separate studies have found that oil-based creams may be superior delivery vehicles for both oi-soluble and water-soluble ingredients. A study by T Henkel Central Research in Germany concluded that water in Oil creams deliver 120% more of the antioxidant ingredient A-tocopherol into the skin compared to water-based creams.

Another study focused on urea, a water-soluble ingredient that is often found lacking in skins suffering from dermatitis and psoriasis.  Here it was found that, if applied with a water-based cream, urea was abundant on the surface of the skin (stratum corneum) but was barely found in the basal layer where it is needed.  However, the application of water in Oil cream containing urea resulted in the significant deposit of urea near the basal layer of the skin.

There are some exceptions to this rule. Water-based vehicles result in superior delivery of the popular ingredient niacinamide (vitamin B3). For this reason, Dr Spiller included vitamin B3 in his vitamin-C Plus Serum rather than a cream. 

Low Level of Skin Reactions

For many years it has been held that skin reactions are mostly due to artificial colours and fragrances.  Our experience indicates that skin reactions are mostly due to two-ingredient groups that are foreign to the skin and they are inevitably found in every commercially available skincare product: emulsifiers and preservatives.

Emulsifiers, particularly those with high HLB (Hydrophilic–lipophilic balance) values as found in water-based formulations, are much more likely to disrupt the skin’s natural protection than those of low HLB, as commonly used in oil-based formulations.

The readily accessible water content of water-based formulations requires careful protection from ever-present microorganisms.  Bacteria don’t survive well in oil, therefore oil-based formulations are largely self-protecting.  Levels of preservatives can accordingly be held low.  Why would that be important? It stands to reason that preservatives are likely to interfere with the skin’s natural flora.

The fragrance in Dr Spiller products is light and adds to the all-around feeling of well being during one of our highly effective facial treatments. Colours are from natural sources such as our famous blue Collagen Cream with a colour derived from Azulene (German Chamomile).

The incidence of skin reaction to Dr Spiller creams or treatments is negligible

I hope you have enjoyed reading this wonderful insight into what is so different about Dr Spiller Creams.  It was presented to us courtesy of Omniderm our Australian product Suppliers of Dr Spiller products.

Thank you so much for reading and we look forward to receiving any questions you may have about how Dr Spiller can work for your skincare just email Patricia at