Water-Based Cream or Oil Based Cream?

Our Skins’ natural protective layer (the acid mantle) is an oil-based mixture of sebum and perspiration.

All skincare ranges are either water-based or oil-based.  Dr Spiller Biocosmetic is neither.

Let’s Explore the Difference between Water Based, Oil Based and the Unique Hydratain® Formula from Dr Spiller




Your Creams Explained

Water-based Cream:

The clear majority of skincare creams on the market are water-based.  They are light, easy to apply and feel good on the skin.  However, these creams often require higher levels of chemicals such as emulsifiers and preservatives and they generally do not maintain the skin’s hydration levels for long.  In fact, studies have shown that:

Water starts to evaporate from the cream the instant it is applied to the skin

Within 30 minutes the majority of the moisture contained in the cream

has evaporated.

Oil Based Cream:

Oil-based creams are scientifically proven to maintain moisture levels in the skin much longer.  They have also been found to deliver active ingredients into the skin far more effectively than water-based creams.  Oil-based creams are not very popular because they traditionally have a very high oil content (around 50%)

This gives your skin an unpleasant heavy and greasy consistency.

Dr Spiller Hydratain®

Dr Spiller’s revolutionary new process combining the hydrating benefits of an oil-based cream with the lightweight feel of water-based cream.  This unique HYDRATAIN® formula is essentially a combination of what’s best in both; a special molecule which forms a ‘net’ over your skin.  This cream feels light and fresh, enabling it to breathe and at the same time penetrating your water-proof skin.

Provides long-lasting hydration and delivery of active ingredients;

resulting in plump, younger-looking skin.


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