Ladies Hand lifting a Strip of Sugar Paste off Leg of Woman

Sugaring the perfect Hair Removal Method to keep hair growth under control.

Allow me to introduce the concept of hair removal with Sugar – albeit Sugaring it is called.  It has been around since Cleopatras time!  It is a treatment where the health and beauty of the treated skin and control of the hairs appearance are perfect.

The duration of the human hair growth pattern is influenced by over 1000 different scientifically known facts.  Hair removal methods have not yet become effectively permanent and there are at least another 1000 factors about hair removal methods that we do not know.

Did you know recent research revealed that the best approach to hair removal is physical rather than chemical?  The physical effects of hair removal are equally predictably at all times, unlike other chemical effects.


The paste used for sugaring is simply sugar and water.  Sugar is glucose – a molecule which is known by the body so you can rule out every possible allergy against it.   Also due to the size of the sugar molecule, it penetrates into the skin without any obstruction.


The sugar surrounds the hair, and because the hair is virtually embedded in the sugar,  the hair will release from the follicle during the extraction. It is because of this fact that the sugar penetrates into the follicle where the hair is growing that we are able to extract the hairs when the hair is shorter at the anagen growth stage.

Hair Growth Patterns

Hair growth is influenced by a number of known as well as unknown facts. We do know that the number of human hair follicles is on average 100,000.

In the course of our lives, no new follicles develop, this is all we have and that’s that. We also know that the lifetime of the follicle is finite.  Each follicle is capable of growing about 20 hairs in their lifetime. 

So just imagine the growth phase of an ANAGEN Hair. It is in direct contact with everything that surrounds it, what created it, what controls its formation and growth. 

We can see that the repeated removal in the anagen phase physically hurts, thereby damages the follicle, namely, it artificially accelerates the depletion of the follicles.

Dermal Essence Expertise

At Dermal Essence, we have a good tool in our hands with Sugaring.   With regular repeated appointments we can physically destroy the hair follicle, making it unsuitable to grow new hair.  We can do this without the intervention of intervening in the body’s hormonal, biological and chemical equilibrium.

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