Treating pigmentation and hyperpigmentation is an ongoing challenge for beauty therapist.

Melanin is the name of the pigment that creates your skin and hair colour. Excess production in the skin can be caused by excess sun exposure, inflammation from a stressful assault on your skin, photosensitising medications and hormonal changes in your body.

The triggers that cause your pigmentation are a concern for ongoing results with our treatments.  We always like to recommend you  accept a maintenance plan and then treat the source of your current pigmentation concerns for a more optimal positive outcome.

Basic home care such as cleansing, regular exfoliation, moisturisation and protection from the sun are a must.  Then we address ways of calming the inflammation, checking with your doctor about any photosensitising medications you may be using, and are there any hormonal changes happening in your life such as pregnancy, menopause and unprotected skin from the sun.

We may recommend a course of Building Up Skin Saviour series of treatments for pigmentation.  This type of treatment is gentle on the skin and helps you achieve your maintenance program with ease  This level of the treatment experience builds on from the Discovery Facials by adding the professional only Enzyme Peeling Mask, and a nourishing skin specific massage.

The Benefits of Biomimetic enzyme peeling mask is a softening of the skin whilst removing the dead skin cells and calming and preparing the skin for the penetration of actives to treat the pigmentation.

You will be recommended active products to treat and maintain your bright refreshed skin at home.

If you would like a more intense quicker result, then you can have new skin in just days with one of our Herbal Aktiv Peels.

Herbal Aktiv Peel™

The 5-day Herbal Aktiv Peel treatment is recommended for those deep-seated troublesome skins.

This unique skin resurfacing treatment is based on natural botanicals. The Herbs are designed to speed up the cycle of skin renewal, In the process the appearance of the skin is improved.

This treatment schedule takes place over 5 days with prescriptive products to use as home between salon visits.

Phyto Treatment Mini Peel (PPEEL™)

The effects of the Phyto treatments are similar to microdermabrasion, without impairing the acid mantle.

The power of the herbs is used to firm, freshen, tone and detox the skin. This is a one day treatment and is not a substitute for the Herbal Aktiv Peel. A course of treatments in fortnightly intervals is recommended to achieve maximum results.

Beauty Peel (BPEEL™)

Provides immediate glowing plumped skin with no down time, no visible peeling and is a comfortable refreshing way to boost  the skins micro-circulation and metabolism.

For a quick Pick-Me-Up One B-Peel will make a difference  for long lasting results a course of weekly treatments over four to six weeks is recommended

If you are interested in treating your pigmentation concerns we invite you to make an appointment at Dermal Essence to discuss the best option to treat your pigmentation.

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