Rinazel Gel, Cream and Beauty Balm

Rinazel Gel, Cream and Beauty Balm

Salon Care Treatment for Sunburn

Our choice of care for sunburn on the face is our Aloe Vera Fleece Treatment which is all about cooling down and healing the inflammation in the skin and providing moisture and actives to repair.

Your skin will be gently cleansed with a cool compress and aloe vera gel will be applied.

Once the fleece mask is applied to the skin it is activated with a solution of pure Aloe Vera Juice, hyaluronic acid, Panthenol (vitamin B 5), Niacinamide (vitamin B3),  and Vitamin C.

These ingredients encourage the production of ceramides and Essential Fatty acids within the skin. These processes help to strengthen and repair the barrier function of the skin.

The treatment is left for twenty minutes and gently lifted from the skin.

Our favourite Rinazel Repair gel is then applied and once your skin has calmed an application of Rinazel Repair cream.

Rinazel gel

  • This visibly repairing gel increases the skin’s absorption capacity with natural active substances gained from milk peptides.

Rinazel Cream

  • This rich cream is our top-performing anti-aging cream. We use it following IPL and electrolysis treatments and all sun-damaged skins

The skin is then covered with Alex BB Cream.

Alex BB Cream

  • Provides excellent coverage alone or over your day cream
  • Is a neutraliser and repair treatment for red, irritated skin by calming and protecting
  • Is an all weather sun and city protective (sunblock)

You now have a protective healing barrier.

You will go home with your script on how to care for your skin and hopefully your products.

Script for Sunburn damaged skins to feel cool and confident

Cleanse Morning and Night with Aloe Sensitive Cleanser

  •  Apply  one to two pumps of cleanser to fingertips
  • Pat evenly over your face and neck, then massage lightly to remove makeup and impurities
  • Rinse off with tepid water and pat dry.

Gel Correct with Rinazel Gel

  • Apply two pumps of gel to fingertips and massage over your bare skin after cleansing

Moisturiser with Rinazel Cream

  • Apply a small pearl-sized amount to your fingertips
  • Press your fingertips together to warm the cream
  • Pat over your face and blend over the skin
  • Do this process twice as you skin needs this extra cream to repair.

Day Time Protect with Alex Beauty Balm

  • Apply a small pearl-size amount to your fingertips
  • Press your fingertips together to warm the cream
  • Pat over your face and blend over the skin.

This home care regime will change as your skin heals you can add back in other applications, but do not exfoliate your skin as it is busy healing.  The idea here is to protect and heal.

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