The chronological (or genetic) ageing of our skin is inevitable – the hands of time simply cannot be stopped.  The early intervention to reduce the severity of ageing triggers not only provides relief for skins already demonstrating signs of chronological breakdown but also slows the process down for skins experiencing premature disintegration.

The number one cause of skin ageing is ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  Sun damage is cumulative and starts from the very first exposure as a child.  Whilst this initial damage cannot be removed, the daily use of sunscreen as early as possible can prevent further aggression.

The sun emits two primary forms of rays UVB and UVA.

UVB is a short wavelength that promotes most of its damage in the upper layers of the skin.  This damage includes sunburn, dehydration, inflammation and the promotion of slow tanning (or age spots).

UVA rays are a longer wavelength that creates damage in the lower layers of the skin.  This irreparable disintegration includes the destruction of collagen fibres, the overstimulation of pigmentation (leading to age spots) and the formation of skin cancer.  Both types of rays are responsible for DNA damage, oxidation and the deactivation of essential nutrients including vitamin A.

Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging all result with the appearance of the skin losing its smoothness, radiance and vitality.

All skin types, colours and conditions will eventually succumb to the ageing process with other factors including environmental stress and exposure, diet and skincare maintenance affecting its severity and appearance.


  • All skin colours can be affected by ultraviolet radiation and breakdown.
  • The skin naturally produces powerful vitamin E and co-enzyme Q10 antioxidants to combat free radical or environmental damage.
  • Dehydration creates fine lines, sun damage and oxidation turn them into wrinkles.
  • Mimic lines such as laugh lines of crow’s feet are created by the constant movement and expression of the skin. Like the lines on your palm, these are the hardest to soften and smooth.
  • Static lines appear even when the face is not moving, these are created by the sun and environmental damage.
  • Age spots appear when UV rays overstimulate and damage pigment-producing cells.
  • Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body and provides the skin with structure, strength, volume, residency and elasticity. Collagen production and deposition start to reduce from around age 20.
  • Chronic and acute dehydration leads to structural and functional changes that contribute to the premature ageing of the skin.


Pre-maturely aged and aged conditions have 4 contributing factors that should be taken into account in order to provide effective prevention and correction

  • Sun damage
  • Environmental damage
  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation

The daily use of sunscreen is essential for any anti-aging regimen. As a preventative, sunscreen can also reverse and repair UV exposure creating cumulatively stronger and more protected skin.  A primary (or secondary sunscreen product such as an SPF moisturiser) should be applied every morning and re-applied when in direct sunlight.  A broad-spectrum formula ensures multi-protection against all damaging wavelengths.

Oxidation or free radical damage is an oxygen imbalance within the body and skin.  This is accelerated by sun exposure, smoking, pollution, certain medications, stress, lifestyle and diet.  Oxidation slowly starts to ‘rust’ skin function, creating damage to collagen fibres and elastin whilst affecting hydration levels and pigment production.  Antioxidants act as a natural preservative to counterbalance this free radical damage to promote balance, effective environmental defence to normalise the skin’s natural habitat.

Dehydration is one of the first signs of prematurely aged skin. As the natural hydration reservoirs become parched via diet, environment, wind and air conditioning; fine lines, discomfort and surface roughness appear zapping the skin of energy, vitality and radiance.  Stripping the skin with inappropriate cleansing, over-treating and ineffective moisturisers all accelerate the dehydration process.

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