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Phyto Peel is the latest in herbal excellence

The Phyto Treatment Mini Peel 

This treatment is your savior with 4 treatment Options

Energizer – sun damaged & Ageing

The Energizer is a power-packed facial treatment designed to stimulate microcirculation and revitalize sluggish skin showing signs of premature ageing.

Highly suitable for skin that is sallow, in need of oxygenation, and sluggish skin showing signs of premature ageing.

Phyto Restore  – mature skin

This is a revitalizing, firming treatment suitable for mature, sun damaged and prematurely aged skins.  It combines exfoliation of dead skin cells with deep stimulation and reinvigorates dull, lifeless and stressed skins.  The Phyto Restore is a stand alone treatment and is not a substitute for the Herbal Aktiv Peel.

Phyto Clear – for Impure skin

This is a detoxing treatment suitable for impure, congested and Acneic skins suffering from hyper keratinization.  It aids in the decongestion of blocked pores and helps to reduce excess oil flow.

Calm – for Sensitive Skin

Sensitized skin needs to be treated with extra care.  The Calm treatment is ideal for skin displaying signs of redness, couperose, inflammation of sensitivity.  It helps to gently stimulate and rebalance sensitized skins without aggravation or irritation.

Phyto Peels Explained

The Power of the Herbs is used to firm, freshen, tone and detox.  The effects of the Phyto treatments are similar to microdermabrasion procedure.  There is one key difference; no harmful micro-injuries are inflicted on the skins delicate acid mantle and that means no redness, irritation or sensitivity.