Enzymatic treatment

Let’s Talk About Exfoliating your skin!

In today’s world, it is normal to obliterate your skin with scrubs, peels, hydroxy acids, and microdermabrasion.

For an effective skincare routine, we need to find a way to keep the skin polished without causing inflammation and damaging the protective barrier of our skin.

We also have exposure to environmental assaults such as Ultra Violet Light exposure (the SUN)  and computer radiation; then if we add daily aggressive exfoliation this contributes to ageing.

After the age of 25 years, the skin recovers from these assaults more slowly, so it is important to find the right balance.

At Dermal Essence, we use exfoliation treatments with a more gentle effect of keeping dead skin cells from accumulating.

How does the skin work – well your skin has natural enzymes known as cholesterol sulphates that regulate epidermal differentiation, barrier function and desquamation. In short, this is the way your skin cells turn over or shed naturally.

Your skin also has desmosomes  – cells known as specialised adhesive proteins that hold your skin cells together. This is the extracellular cement that keeps your skin from falling apart. When we are young our skins shed naturally every 21 -28 days.  Except during puberty sometimes our skin tends to go into overdrive and does not exfoliate naturally.

Sometimes when these natural enzymes on our skin don’t work at optimum levels,  we need to apply topical enzymes to loosen the intracellular cement that prevents natural skin exfoliation.

In both cases, this is where a little help from our Skin Care Therapist comes in.

So what are Enzymes you ask?

Enzymes are complex protein molecules that are biological catalysts – they can enable a chemical reaction while remaining unchanged themselves.

A refreshing deep cleanses with natural organic enzymes that gently dissolve dead skin cells resulting in immediately clearer and softer skin for All Skin Types.

The key ingredient in this peeling treatment is spelt – a protein-rich grain that is abundant in B6 zinc magnesium, and iron.   This natural enzyme peeling treatment also contains Kaolinite a drawing mineral that absorbs excess sebum production and together with the enzymes protease, amylase & Lipase these enzymes gently dissolves the dead cell build-up. naturally without harming the skin.

The process of applying this mixture under the vaporiser activates the enzymes even further to do their wonderful magic during a 20-minute process.

After removing the enzymes the application of a detoxifying Breath ampoule further cleanses and clarifies the skin, refines, refreshes and firms the skin.   

The application of an Algae Peel off mask further enhances the actives from the ampoule to be absorbed into the skin.

This is a very relaxing process.  The treatment is completed with the application of a prescriptive moisturiser just for you.

More about the benefits of ampoules and Peel Off masks in another blog.