Beauty Herbs in a Spoon

The power of Herbs for Beauty

Explaining the Herbal Aktiv Peel 

Alex Cosmetic Active Pure Herbs are packed with natural proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and vital trace elements and are free of synthetic chemical exfoliants or abrasives.

Herbal Healing How does it work?

Skin Peeling has never been so easy and natural with this skin resurfacing method based on a compound of dried crushed herbs with a history of safe application going back over 50 years.  The herbs contained in the Herbal Aktiv Peel®,  Phyto Peel™ and Beauty Peel™ have been carefully selected following extensive research, long-term trials and practical experimentation.

Its appeal lies in the outstanding results combined with the promise of a softer, more natural approach to skin maintenance. Compared to the one-dimensional approach of other modalities the herbs combine synergistically for superior and long-lasting results.

How does it compare to other Peels?

Skin peeling treatments based on synthetic acids rely on a deliberate, controlled injury for their effect. A deeper wound may offer better outcomes but it will also greatly increase the risk of unwanted side effects such as scarring, post-inflammatory pigmentation, infection etc.  Deep chemical peels can create an abnormal epidermis, similar to scar tissue.  The same has been said about Laser treatments.

Herbal Aktiv Peel® does not contain synthetic acids, chemicals or abrasives.  At no stage during treatment with Herbal Aktiv Peel ® is the epidermis breached.  The danger of complications is minimized.

How does it work?

The herbs contained in Herbal Aktiv Peel® are known for their healing, soothing and regenerating properties.  Each herb consists of a multitude of active phytochemical constituents; fats, carbohydrates, proteins including enzymes, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants..  They also contain secondary metabolites or trace elements such as phenols, tannins, isoflavones, saponins, resins, flavonoids, glycosides, coumarins, bitters, lignin’s, salicylates etc. (Source: Ann Vlass N.D.B.SC.(Hons))

Despite significant recent advances in biochemistry, no man-made formula can come close to matching the biological processes in just one of the herbs contained in Herbal Aktiv Peel®.

With the Herbal Aktiv Peel®, the herb particles massaged into the skin provide it with a steady, time-released stream of phytochemicals over a period of up to 3 days.

The Corrective Treatment of the Herbal Aktiv Peel® takes place over 5 days

This involves Day 1 Professional Application of the Herbs by your Professional  Salon Therapist

Days 2-4 Prescribed Home Care Products

Day 5 Return to the Salon for your Post Treatment

Your skin will visibly peel for a fresh glowing complexion.

The Herbal Aktiv Peel™ can be repeated every 4 weeks

It is recommended for those deep-seated troublesome areas.

The Phyto Treatment Mini Peel (PPEEL™)

This is a single Salon treatment where there are visible shedding and obvious rejuvenation.

A single treatment can be useful to freshen tone and detox.

This treatment can be repeated every 2 weeks for a really positive effect.

The Beauty Peel (BPEEL™)  

It is considered a Refreshing way to boost the skins micro-circulation and metabolism.

One treatment makes a difference but a course of treatments is recommended for long term lasting results.

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