The Herbal Beauty Peel 

New Skin In Just Days

Alex Cosmetics Herbal Aktiv Peel is a successfully proven natural peeling method for skin regeneration going back over 50 years.

Your Fresh Skin with Herbs treats the following conditions:

Impure Skin     –    Sensitive Skins    –   Ageing Skins  –   Dehydration –  Pigmentation

Homecare After Your Beauty Peel

For Fresh Skin in 1 day

After your treatment, you will feel the herbs in your skin  slowly start to dissolve over the next 5 days

Do Not Exercise on the day of your Peel

Do not cleanse your Face till the next day

Day 2 Begin your  Morning & Evening  prescribed Homecare

Cleanser   &   Toner

Apply Biomimetic Cream

Apply BB cream during Day

Your skin will be at its best on day 5

Do Not have any other Treatments on your skin for 1  month

No chemical peels and No IPL

This treatment can be performed every week for a series of 4 weeks if you are looking to treat deep-seated problem conditions.  Talk to your therapist to check if this is an option for you.