Dr Spiller Wash Cream

A versatile ​cleanser and makeup remover for excessively dry skin with an impaired barrier.  Dr Spiller Wash Cream effectively removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling smooth and comfortable.

Skin Type: Dry

Skin Condition: Dehydrated, Aged, Sensitised.

Formulation: Oil/Water

Lipid Content: 23.9%

Key Ingredients:

Essential Fatty Alcohols: Barrier-protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty alcohols

Essential Fatty Acids: Barrier-protective emollients rich in biomimetic fatty acids

Humectants: Water-binding hydrators that replicate NMF


AM and PM apply a small 5-cent piece of  Dr Spiller Wash Cream to dry skin and emulsify. Massage over the face and neck with light circular movements and remove with Dr Spiller Sponges and lukewarm water.  May be safely used around the eye contour area.  Pat the skin dry then follow with Sensitive Toner with Aloe.


Always use lukewarm water on the face as hot water will strip the acid mantle

Fatty Acids are naturally found in sebum triglycerides.

Dr Spiller Wash Cream emulsified with water makes an excellent shaving medium for men’s skin.