Dr Spiller Formulations

Dr Horst Spiller, Iconic Formulator Highlights

In 1960 Dr Spiller Gmbh was established in Siegsdorf in the Bavarian Alps. Dr Spillers’s philosophy promoted the support of natural skin function via effective products free from harsh and aggravating ingredients.

                            “We should be gentle with our skin -our creams and treatments do not interfere with its natural functions”

In 1964 Dr Spiller made a global scientific breakthrough via the creation of water-in-oil-based creams with an oil content as low as 19%. To further reduce occlusivity, the new technology refined the creams to form a gas-permeable lipid layer on the skin.

In effect, Dr Spiller had flawlessly replicated the skin’s natural barrier function with his exclusive technology.

Dr Spiller’s second greatest achievement challenged and revolutionized modern cosmetic chemistry in 1971.  At a time when the damaging effects of UV rays on the skin were little understood, Dr Spiller developed the first range of versatile day creams containing a sun protection factor (SPF)

As the Dr Spiller Biomimetic phenomenon grew across Germany, Dr Spiller redirected his attention back to the education of aesthetic practitioners.  In 1973 he developed “Kosmetikus” a 19 kg kit containing raw materials and ingredients. This was released to training colleges for students to study elementary product formulation.

Dr Spiller’s contribution to advancing the learning process further confirmed his philosophy that skin condition provides guidance to how a cream should be created to successfully manage it.

His use of natural or natural-identical ingredients led to creams distinguished by color: blue from Azulene in collagen cream, green from Green Tea in Sanvita Cream, and gold from beta carotene in Vitamin A Day cream. This further increased the antioxidant content of the line with rich botanical polyphenols and flavonoids that simultaneously anointed the products with vibrant and natural hues.

In particular, we aim to minimize the use of damaging synthetic ingredients such as emulsifiers, preservatives, and other aggressive substances.

Abstract courtesy Paul Fister Omniderm