Trio Picture of Oxygen Line from Dr Spiller with Chai Latte

Dr Spiller Oxygen Facial!

This is our highly effective anti-aging Facial that revitalizes fatigued skin just like that boost your favourite chai latte does to your senses…


Feel the invigorating power of oxygen for more youthful and relaxed skin. With both an anti-aging and an anti-stress effect, this facial helps your tired skin attain pure harmony and healthy elasticity.

First, your skin is gently cleansed with a unique cleanser from the Dr Spiller range prescribed just for you.  Secondly, to prepare for the infusion your skin is exfoliated with enzymes that gently lift those dead skin cells that are occluding your skin and afterwards an ultrasonic lactic peptide gel cleanses with ultrasonic vibrations.  Your skin is gently relaxed with a warm towel compress. 

Now the infusion begins with the Oxygen Vital Complex and radiofrequency vibrations to gently coax deep through the layers of your skin (epidermis) and deep into the dermis with the heating of radiofrequency waves to tone and improve the contours of our face.

With the application of the Oxygen Vital Cream Mask your tired, dull skin gains new energy and hydration bringing back a balance to your skin.   The soothing active ingredients in the mask bring back life to fatigued dull and sun-damaged skins. 

So just relax and let your skin take a deep, relaxed breath of relief with this powerful combination of energizing active ingredients that boost cell activity and infuse calming active ingredients that soothe irritation and restore balance to stressed, demanding skins. 

Oxygen Vital Home Care Products.

The Oxygen Vital line Products are a highly effective anti-aging line that that revitalizes fatigued skin cells and fuels them for enhanced performance. Medical grade oxygen carrier boosts sluggish skin to reduce the tired-looking appearance and improve circulation for a fresh and rosy glow. Calming compounds protect the skin, regulate the moisture balance and reduce irritations. The line contains a range of serums, moisturizers and mask for your home care. 

Oxygen Vital Serum with 3% lipids content

A revitalising serum formulated to visibly improve the ski’s elasticity, giving it a fresh and relaxed glow.  The complexion regains vigour and a more resilient appearance.

Oxygen Vital Complex 25% lipid content

A clarifying emulsion designed to visibly repair and brighten tired-looking skin.  Visibly promotes resilience, hydration and environmental moisture protection

Q10 Oxygen Complex

A clarifying and visibly repairing 24hour cream designed to rejuvenate the appearance of sluggish looking and non-responsive skin.  Nurtures a more vitalised appearance and increases levels of hydration and a younger-looking more supple complexion

Oxygen Vital Cream Mask 

A stimulating mask designed to revitalise and invigorate the appearance of sluggish-looking and non-responsive skin.  Nurtures a revived appearance whilst promoting hydration & moisture barrier protection from environmental drying.