Don’t let the hot, sticky wet season trip up your skin.

Darwin Weather

The weather is steamy and hot. You are in and out of air conditioning, Returning from holidays and preparing to return to work or school.  While having a break and going away can work wonders for your complexion, the traveling to and fro can wreak havoc on your skin.  There are many ways you can ensure your skin returns home as rejuvenated as your inner spirit.


During air flights, it is commonly advised to mist your face in an attempt to replenish lost moisture. DO NOT DO THIS!  When the water droplets evaporate from your skin, it actually takes moisture from your skin along with it.  The best way to maintain a level of hydration in the skin during your slight is to protect and seal the skin with a rich, water-in-oil cream.  All Dr. Spiller creams (with the exception of the “light” creams) are water-in-oil based and feature the non–occlusive patented HYDRATAIN emulsion system.  This protects the skins natural lipid barrier.

Preparing for Travel

On the morning of your departure, it is a good idea to very gently exfoliate your face to remove excess dry, dead skin cells. This will help your moisturizer to absorb more deeply.

Tips to be aware of:

  • try not to touch your face when traveling
  • wash and dry your hands at every opportunity
  • Prior to applying cream or makeup before your arrival uses a hand sanitizer.
  • Cleansing your hands will help avoid contaminating your cream and your skin
  • helps avoid infected skin conditions long after the holiday is over

When you reach your destination freshen up tired, dehydrated skin with a light cleansing.  Follow with the application of an antioxidant serum and a moisturizing cream to seal and protect the skin.

Planning Your Skin Care

Don’t forget to plan ahead and pack a cream that works with the climate of your destination.

If your destination is to a colder climate your regular cream may be too light causing dry flaky skin.  If traveling to a hotter destination your regular cream may be too rich, causing oiliness and congestion.

Speaking of planning ahead, be sure to discontinue the use of harsher products such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinols at least one to two weeks before you leave!  These ingredients can leave your skin more sensitive to sunburn and sun damage. Their irritating side effects may be intensified by the stress of travel and climate change.

Skin disturbances while traveling can also occur for less obvious reasons. Jet Lag, stress, lack of sleep and change in diet can all cause hormonal changes. This may disrupt your normal skin functions, and disturb the protective mechanisms of the skin.

When your skin’s defenses are down, it is essential that you take extra care to protect your skin from bacteria that can cause breakouts or other rashes and irritation.  The main aim is to protect so make sure you use a broad spectrum SPF protection product every day.  Whether you plan to be out in the sun directly or not, including airplanes where you are even closer to the sun’s rays and sometimes vehicle windows as not all glass will offer protection.

Professional Care

Professional skin care products are about customizing your skin’s needs with specialized care products to meet the needs of your individual skin.

An experienced skin care professional, can mix and match different types of products and customize your treatment program and home care products for optimal results!

We would love to hear from you right now about your concerns with your skin during this tropical hot weather.  You can call us Dermal Essence phone 89817425  or email for your professional consult to take care of your Holiday Skin!

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