Dr Spiller’s CellTresor Age defying product range won Best Cosmetic Spa innovation at the 2016 European Health and Spa Awards

The CellTresor products feature differentiated molecular sizes and weights of hyaluronic acid – that holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water – to reach all depths of the skin giving an immediate moisture charge with long-lasting hydration.

“Human skin is a true miracle of nature – our cells are in a rhythm of ceaseless renewal,” says Dr Spiller’s Australian skincare expert Sue Dann. “But over time and, depending on environmental influences, the cells start to get tired and if key structural and cellular elements aren’t being replenished our skins begin to deteriorate.

“For mature skin, high-tech active ingredients become a necessity – they stimulate the cells to work harder and more efficiently at keeping the skin plump and smooth.

“Dr Spiller’s premium CellTresor range helps fight the three main signs of ageing: moisture loss, thinning or fragile skin and poor elasticity.

“Every mature woman suffers from at least one – sometimes all – of these skin concerns.

“The CellTresor range allows women the flexibility to use just one serum that specifically targets their skin concern or to combine two or three serums at once. These serums are the next generation of optimally targeted skincare.”

The CellTresor range comprises:

Penta Hyaluron Serum

Deeply hydrating with an instantly smoothing effect

  • for moisture deficit skin
  • Acts on Skin’s turgor

Gently press skin of cheeks upwards using the backs of the fingers to check skin turgor i.e. skin tissue hydration.  If lateral wrinkles appear, the skin is dehydrated.

Multi Stem Cell Serum.

Rejuvenating in-depth regeneration

  • For thin skin
  • Enhances the skin’s thickness and structure

Perform the “skin roll ” test to check skin thickness.  Feel skin thickness by gently grasping the skin of the temples and the lower cheeks between thumb and index finger.

Ultimate Peptide Serum

Restructures and firms the contours

  • For skin lacking elasticity and suppleness
  • Acts on Skin Tone

Gently lift skin of cheeks to check elasticity. The faster the skin regains its smoothness the better its elasticity

Overnight Repair Mask

Perfectly complements the deep-acting effects of the CellTresor serums.

  • saturates the skin with moisture
  • In the morning the skin will appear youthfully fresh and smooth


Intense Rebuilding Cream

Supports the skin’s natural regeneration process by acting on the cellular level to visibly improve skin volume and moisture saturation.

The CellTresor Professional Treatment is a three-phase protocol designed to help relax facial muscles, plump and firm the skin. The radical increase in moisture from this treatment leaves the complexion youthfully smooth and supple.

These products and the Professional Treatment enhances the collagen and elastin fibers within the connective tissue for in-depth skin restructuring and firmer facial contours.


“Not only does it visibly reduce the appearance of physiological wrinkles, it also reduces their depth.”