Biomimetic Creams and Your Skin

So just how do you get a water and oil blend to come together

Emulsifiers can bind two liquids that usually do not mix well together. A traditional example is mixing (or rather, trying to mix) oil and water. These fluids don’t like to mix because of their chemical properties. This is where an emulsifier comes into play. Emulsifiers have water-loving (hydrophilic) and oil-loving (hydrophobic) regions that allow the two immiscible ingredients like water and oil to join.

Within the skin’s natural epidermal layer, we find a lipid bilayer that binds water. These bilayers are the skin’s main defence against excessive moisture loss or TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss)

How Different Creams Work:

Water-based Cream:

The water-based creams are light, easy to apply and feel good on the skin.  However, these creams often require higher levels of chemicals such as emulsifiers and preservatives to stabilize them yet they generally do not maintain the skin’s hydration levels for long.  In fact, studies have shown that the water starts to evaporate from the cream the instant it is applied to the skin.  And within 30 minutes the majority of the moisture contained in the cream has evaporated.

Oil Based Cream:

Oil-based creams are scientifically proven to maintain moisture levels in the skin much longer.  They have also been found to deliver active ingredients into the skin far more effectively than water-based creams.  Oil-based creams are not very popular because they traditionally have a very high oil content (around 50%) This gives your skin an unpleasant heavy and greasy consistency.

Dr Spiller Hydratain®

Dr Spiller’s revolutionary new process combining the hydrating benefits of an oil-based cream with the lightweight feel of water-based cream.  This unique HYDRATAIN® formula is essentially a combination of what’s best in both; a special molecule which forms a ‘net’ over your skin.  This cream feels light and fresh, enabling it to breathe and at the same time penetrating your water-proof skin.

This cream provides long-lasting hydration and delivery of active ingredients and results in plump, younger-looking skin.

Emulsifiers  can bind two liquids that usually do not mix well together.  Dr Spiller developed proprietary technology that allows him to produce Water in Oil  creams with an oil content as low as 19%.  His creams feel as light as most water based creams, yet they offer all the significant advantages of oil-based creams.  So what are these Emulsifiers ?  They are made of biomimetic  protectants found naturally in the acid mantle that protect against TEWL.  One great example is lecithin.

Lecithin belongs to a group of fat like substances called phospholipids.  These consist of fatty acids, glycerol and choline (vitamin B) combined with phosphoric acid and a touch of vitamin E.

It is an emulsifier and thickener, but also has therapeutic  properties for the skin, being a carrier for nutrients and hydrating. It is also very moisturising.

At Dermal Essence we can analysis your skin and help you choose just the right biomimetic cream for you so you do not feel overwhelmed but very well protected.

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