Beauty Herbs in a Spoon

The power of Herbs for Beauty

The Beauty Peel delivers what women worldwide have long been waiting for—a corrective peel that visibly improves the complexion but with no downtime.

The Beauty Peel Treatment is a real game-changer for the Herbal Aktiv Peel range.

The Beauty Peel Treatment Process

The active herbs are mixed with a soothing gel and gently massaged into the skin to stimulate the complexion’s natural regenerative process.  Your skin will appear flushed as if you have just attended the gym.  There is no discomfort and the herbs will slowly dissolve over twenty-four hours as they slowly release vitamins, minerals, and vital trace elements.

This gentle epidermal peel, improves the appearance of lacklustre skin, focusing on the 5 skin concerns –

              ·      Ageing Skins,

              ·      Dehydrated Skins

              ·      Impure Skins

              ·      Pigmentated Skins

              ·      Sensitized Skins

The Beauty Peel Treatment can be performed weekly on the face, hands, neck or décolletage.

“The Beauty Peel Treatment revives the skin like a good night’s sleep recharges weary muscles – fatigue is replaced with a boost of youthful vigour,” says Sue Dann, Alex Cosmetics National Training Manager.

“It seems to happen almost magically but there’s a lot of science behind it – the Beauty Peel is the gentle, zero downtime way to rejuvenate tired and stressed skin in just one day”

The History of Alex Herbal Peel

Alex Cosmetics Herbal Aktiv Peel has long been a successful proven, natural peeling method for skin regeneration based on a powerful mixture of pure herbs.

The natural composition of these herbs is free from chemical substances synthetic binders and abrasives. The herbs contained in the Herbal Aktiv Peel range of treatments have been carefully selected following extensive research and long-term trials.  The appeal of the herbs lies in the outstanding results combined with the promise of a softer, more natural approach to skin maintenance.  At no time during the process, of the treatment,  is the surface of the skin broken.

The herbs contained in Herbal Aktiv Peel, Phyto Peel, and Beauty Peel are known for their healing soothing and regenerating properties.  Each herb consists of a multitude of active phytochemical constituents:

        Fats       Carbohydrates       Proteins

                Enzymes       Vitamins 

               Minerals   Anti-oxidants

Unlike chemical peels which have a short-term action and only reach the top layers of the skin, actives contained in the Herbal Aktiv Peel are released over an extended period and are therefore available to the skin for a much longer duration.  The concentrated components of the potent, medicinal-grade herbs are released slowly to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, accounting for a superior outcome.

Some of these Herbs are:

  Aloe Vera       Pansy       Horsetail   

  Ginseng      Spirulina     Calendula

Despite significant recent advances in biochemistry, no man-made formula can come close to matching the biological processes in just one of the herbs contained in Herbal Aktiv Peel.