Alex Cosmetic Philosophy 

The Science of Beauty

Alex Cosmetic thinks and acts holistically, foremost with cosmetics, but furthermore with complete solutions, innovative skin care concepts and treatments for virtually every skin condition.

Alex Formulations are based on the fundamentals of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbs and botany, which have evolved over generations and have been designed to reflect the highest standards of today’s scientific knowledge.

Thanks to the use of modern technology, research, development ad the continuous discovery of new ingredients, Alex create products that guarantee maximum effectiveness and safety.

Alex products can be combined harmoniously making them ideal for the comprehensive care and protection of every skin type.

With regular use, the skin is cared for and supplied with the essential nutrients it needs to regenerate, regulate and revitalise itself.

New products in focus from Alex at Dermal Essence are:

No Needle Botanical Lifter 3x

This product is an innovative formula that utilises botanicals to their fullest potential.

Scientific studies show that the active substance Spinanthol that’s found in the Paracress plant, acts as a natural Botulinum toxin.  It smooths fine lines and wrinkle naturally, without paralysing the facial muscles completely.

The No Needle Botanical Lifter 3x contains high-quality grade Hyaluronic acid which penetrates deeper into the skin.

This innovative, modern form of Hyaluronic acid contains a time-release action that gradually releases hydration into the skin, ensuring skin remains moist and hydrated.

The benefits of No Needle Botanical Lifter 3x

  • multipurpose triple-action product
    • hydra boost
    • lifting effect
    • natural anti-ageing
  • A natural, botanical alternative to Botox, without paralysing the entire facial muscles.
  • The perfect treatment for lines and wrinkles.

Retinol Repair Cream

A cream with encapsulated retinol in combination with Vitamin A palmitate and select oils firms and regenerates demanding mature and dry skin without irritating it.  Hyaluronic acid, Ceramides and Vitamin E provide moisture and promote smooth healthy skin.

The benefits of Retinol Repair Cream

  • Nourishing base helps skin recovery with evening primrose oil, jojoba and shea butter
  • Hyaluronic acid helps capture and retain moisture within the skin.
  • The strong antioxidant action of vitamin E offers free-radical defence on the skin.

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