Adding Moisture to the Skin

As we age the skin produces less sebum and as you know sebum helps to waterproof your skin and keep it feeling hydrated.  Using aggressive products and having aggressive treatments will also slow down sebum production and make the problem worse.

So how do you add moisture to your skin?

Our best tips are to simply use a biomimetic cream.

So, what ingredients are most effective in these light oil-based bio-mimetic products?  Look for hyaluronic acid, urea and sodium PCA – these are natural and synesthetic humectants that will hold the moisture in the skin.

For a daytime moisturizer opt for creams that contain hydrating ingredients such as green tea and vitamin C – they help neutralize damage caused by pollution.

At night use a heavier moisturizer with active ingredients to assist in your skin’s recovery. Scientific studies have shown significant beneficial effects on the elasticity of your skin when using specific nighttime moisturisers.

This is just a snapshot of the potent hydrating ingredients found in  Dr Spiller Hydratain® Creams.

For a truly enlivening experience discover your new skin with our Hydration Facial and receive your complimentary prescription moisturiser sample.

Hydration Lifestyle Tips

Drink Plenty of Water and every time you have a coffee or tea boost your water intake. Coffee and Tea are diuretics and they take the precious water away from your skin.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep;  Lack of sleep can cause sallow, dull, dry skin due to the reduced amount of time your body has to repair itself overnight.

Those sagging premature wrinkles may be due to too much sugar which causes glycation leading to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin. A healthy alternative is to choose Fresh Fruit over the cream cake.

Protection to hold in the moisture

Use Alex Cosmetic BB cream – fabulous for all skin types.  This cream is anti-inflammatory and corrects and covers while holding in your moisture.  It is also a UV protectant and ideal for everyday use.

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