All skin types will eventually succumb to the aging process.  Your outlook on life will determine how you handle the situation.

Chronological aging is influenced by environmental stress and your exposure to sun and weather, your diet and skin care treatment and maintenance.

Dehydration will create fine lines, the sun damage and oxidation will cause inflammation and further damage the skin.  The continual exposure to Ultra Violet radiation will damage pigment-producing cells and cause darker pigmentation marks.

Your skin is enhanced by its most abundant framework of collagen and elastin. As we age free radicals and vitamin C oxidation, impaired lymphatic system and compromised skin lipids affect our elastin resiliency and adhesion of our facial muscles.

It is important as we age to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent loss of collagen.  Recent research indicates that the presence of estrogen has a strong influence on collagen formation.  As menopause occurs, estrogen levels drop dramatically and may have an obvious effect on the appearance of wrinkles and lack of elasticity.

Lack of estrogen may significantly affect barrier function, increasing the sensitivity of the skin.  It is very important at this time that a woman considers her skincare routine and treatments with special care.

Each case of aging is individual and this is why at Dermal Essence, we ask you to fill out our in-depth questionnaire and we will discuss your skin concerns so we can deliver the most appropriate skin treatment as well as prescribing your home care routine.

For women concerned with aging and/or declining estrogen levels, It is imperative you invest in your skin.  Our top anti-aging tips are below:

  1. Consider your diet, is it rich in phytonutrients to support collagen synthesis?
  2. Invest in a course of Beauty Peels or better still the Corrective Peel as they are both nutrient rich in phytonutrients to support estrogen in the skin as well as boosting collagen synthesis.
  3. Your homecare matters – do you have a booster serum or oil to supplement your night cream?
  4. Do you exfoliate weekly and apply your homecare mask?
  5. Sun-care protection matters – our top recommendations are Aevitas or Alex BB to filter out the harmful rays of the sun.

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