B O D Y   T R E A T M E N T S

Our Body Treatments are designed to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

Treat yourself with an enlivening body scrub or be pampered with a heavenly body massage. The effects on your skin, muscle and nervous system are numerous – creating softness, relaxation and calm.

Purifying Back Treatment

Ideal for impure and problem skin on the back to rebalance and smooth the skin.

The skin on your back is cleansed and relaxed with warm compresses, and a gentle exfoliation with our south sea island scented manaru body scrub vaporiser steam.

Your back is kept warm and enveloped in a wrap, which allows the skin to be softened and any impurities lifted once the exfoliation is removed with warm towels. 

Your skin is further clarified with a clay mask, and once removed gently massaged with appropriate cream to suit your skin.

$100 (30 minutes)

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Body Scrub

A deeply invigorating and oxygenating skin exfoliation combining Marine Sea Salts and Coconut with exotic tropical scents to gently smooth the skin.

The luxurious skin exfoliation is pure heaven, your body is cleansed and massaged with Marine sea salts and left to rest for a short period with warm towel wrap. Once removed with warm towels, your body is massaged with luxurious body cream.

$160 (60 minutes)

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Body Massage

A soothing and invigorating massage to promote deep relaxation and release tension.

Warm towel hydration begins the relaxation process of deeply relaxing your muscles. Your body is gently massaged with a vitamin function oil to soften and remove tension, thereby increase circulation to remove toxins from the body.

The effects of massage on the muscular system will allow the muscles to become more relaxed, strengthened, firmer and elastic.

The process is ended with gentle pressure and leaving you to collect your senses before rising.

$90 (30 minutes)

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