Young Skins

Care is required to treat young skins as applying too many active products can be counterproductive to achieving the goal of clearing the skin or maintaining a healthy balance to prevent problems.
Products used in Young Teenage Skin Treatments are passive hydrators that allow sebum, the skin’s natural moisturizer to prevent moisture loss from the skin. This allows healthy levels of hydration that create a balance with the environment.


Teenagers                                         45 minutes              $120

Combination and Congested skins are gently exfoliated with Phyto-enzymes under the vaporizer to soften and lift impurities. The skin is further cleansed with ultrasonic sound waves to soften impurities and lift oil and dirt from the skin. If further time is required to do extractions an additional charge applies A blue LED light activates the skins natural repair process and helps to calm and purify the skin

Add on Blackhead Removal                  15 min                  $ 30