Signature facials are prescribed for your skin condition.

Your facial rejuvenation is all about choosing the right actives with your choice of treatments.

Hydration                                  30 minutes                              $85

An introduction to feeling hydration with energizing moisture to rehydrate your face and your senses.

Enzyme Peeling                        45 minutes                             $126

For skins that are Dry or Congested.   Distressed skins require special care  with exfoliation to lift impurities, oil and dirt to allow better penetration of soothing products to calm and hydrate

Rejuvenation                              1 hour                                     $150

For Combination, Congested or Dry.  The ultimate personalization of exfoliation with phyto-enzymes.  Luxurious serums to rehydrate and a nourishing and soothing cream massage to sooth with a prescriptive clay mask.

Peel Off Treatments                 1.5 hours                               $180

For skins that need lifting and contouring with SPECIAL CARE.  Micro current infusion of prescriptive ampoule sealed in with an algae peel off mask with special actives to deeply penetrate the skin and make a difference.

Collagen Infusions                    1.5 hours                               $200

For skins that need restructuring. This treatment will sooth and nourish and give you a plumping lift with the electroporation infusion of a collagen fleece treatment to improve elasticity.

CellTresor                                      1.5 hours                              $240

For Intense Rebuilding and relaxation of facial muscles, while plumping and firming the skin.  This treatment increases moisture and leaves the complexion smooth and supple.

CellTresor Facial                         1 hour                                     $180

For dehydrated skins lacking moisture.  Will dramatically calm redness and increase moisture content while improving elasticity.


Cellular Spectacular Skin Treatment         1 hour                   $155

Discover your skin with the double exfoliation of biomimetic enzymes, regenerating infusion of Chlorella and Hyaluron with a firming and plumping mask.  Completed with a deeply relaxing nutrient rich massage.