1 Day Treatment performed with Alex Cosmetic Herbs

This natural fresh treatment is flexible and easy with the versatility to treat all skin conditions.

The Beauty Peel will strengthen and promote a deep down smoothing restructuring and firming effect on your skin while reducing impurities, and creating a calm condition for your skin to receive support from whitening and regenerative support from hydrating and stem cell treatments.

The Beauty Peel treats impure skin, sensitive skins, ageing skins, dehydrated skins and Pigmented Skins

This treatment is ideal as a one off treatment for a special event or an intensive treatment series to treat problem conditions.

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The Corrective Peel is a Problem Solver for Deep Set Skin Problems

You can achieve New Skin In 5 Days with this plant based corrective treatment that works with the skin’s own natural renewal processes of regeneration.

Skin Peeling is a natural function of our skins. With the Corrective Peel we can support and speed up this natural process, visibly improving the appearance of the skin.

Your skin will be noticeably firmer, revitalized and refreshed. Conditions that can be treated are pigmentation, sun damage, enlarged or blocked pores, congestion, scarring, redness, age spots and lines and wrinkles.

This is an ideal treatment if you are looking to really make a difference with problem skin concerns. It can be performed as a ONE of treatment or a series of treatments to achieve an effective renewal of your skin

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