The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

The secret to balanced and proportioned features is well groomed eyebrows.

Brows when done right can enhance your entire face.  The problem is we have all done things that jeopardize our eyebrow game – like over tweezing or using the wrong color.

We’ll accent your natural size and shape with careful trimming and tweezing to create balance symmetry and harmony.

Brow tinting isn’t always about darkening your colour but more about customizing  shade, shape and depth of fullness to help you achieve the perfect brow.  Tinting helps to lift the desired fullness from the brow by adding shadow to the shape.

Dressing the Eyebrows

Use an angled cut brush to custom blend your smudge proof brow powder and then use your spooley brush to blend the color for a natural finish.  To set the powder apply a clear gel for an all day hold to give a lustrous natural look.

Adding depth to Eyelashes 

Eyelashes can look longer and thicker if they are tinted.  Choose a colour to accentuate your eyes.  Tinting can help boost the voluminous effect of mascara.

Taking care of your  Eyebrows and Eyelashes


Always remove eyebrow and eye make-up  and yes every night – follow these tips to reduce the appearance of irritation or eye redness.

Do not rub the eye area or treat aggressively with cotton pad.

Store your Eye Make-up Remover in the Fridge to visibly smooth puffiness.  Always shake before application to blend the bi-phase solution. Your Eye Make-up Remover should condition eyelashes as it cleanses.

Application: PM, lightly soak two cotton pads with  Dr Spiller Eye-Make-Up Remover gently press and hold for 10-15 seconds  over the target area to delicately dissolve waterproof and transfer resistant make-up.  Repeat until all removed.  Pat the area dry then follow with the appropriate Dr Spiller Facial Cleanser and Toner.

(key ingredient of Dr Spiller Eye-Make-Up remover are panthenol (pro vitamin B 5) a moisture binding conditioner , castor oil an antioxidant rich in triglycerides and fatty acids to condition the lashes, rose oil an essential oil rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.


The type of eye cream you need will depend on your skin condition and type.

At Dermal Essence we have a range of nourishing eye creams and refreshing eye gels for your skin condition


Ultimate Eye Lift & Lip Moisturising Treatment

This treatment is very beneficial for tired eyes and dry lips – nourishing and hydrating

Your eyes and lips are gently cleansed with delicate oil with the added benefit of panthenol.  An ultrasonic infusion with ATP and hyaluronic acid will generate energy and relieve tired puffy eyes and bring vibrancy back into tight lips.

An Aloe Vera and collagen hydrolysate mask soothes and moisturizes to relax the tension of your eyes and lips

Your eyes are now ready for moisturizing with a pH balanced cream.  Your lips are softened with delicate almond oil and light protection filter.

FREQUENCY:  As needed, can also be sold as a series of 6 once a week.

DURATION: 30 Minutes.  Can also be done during a normal facial

PRICE; $50