Your Skin is the largest organ of your body.  It is also waterproof; no water can enter into the skin from the outside.

The Functions of Your skin

  • Sustains vital systems, by processing nutrients within the body i.e. vitamin D.
  • Regulates body temperature via sweat
  • Detects pain, sensation, vibration and pressure
  • Provides an external waterproof barrier to prevent pathogens from entering the body
  • Provides a shield from ultra violet radiation


Healthy Skin

Will have a minimum moisture content of 10%.  Below that level the skin is dehydrated and will not be able to do its job of protecting the body against the environment.


Your Skin’s Natural Moisture

  • Your skin has an acid mantle
  • This acid mantle is a combination of the skin’s oils with sweat and some chemicals called “natural moisturising factors”
  • This is a truly natural skin care cream, everything else is man made.
  • This acid mantle helps your skin regulate the amount of moisture it loses.
  • Your skin will lose moisture into the environment every minute.


So Why does Our Skin get dehydrated?

  • The skin’s natural protection is not enough to maintain adequate moisture levels in the skin.
  • Our environment, artificial heating and cooling, wind, sun and weather conspire to compromise the skin.
  • Over time this weakens the acid mantle.
  • What we do to our skin is a deciding factor also
  • Every time you cleanse your skin you remove some of the skin’s oils.
  • This weakens the acid mantle.


The Answer to prevent dehydration from the acid mantle is to protect and prevent excessive water loss.

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