Those unsightly small white bumps that appear usually on the cheeks as you age. They are keratin filled cyst that occur when dead old skin becomes trapped under the surface. They aren’t pimples, and don’t look too bad but they are downright annoying, especially when you want to have smooth skin.

Have you seen small white bumps on a babies face, that’s Milia.  They can also appear on adults and are typically small hard white bumps of up to 2 mm in size.  They are common on the cheeks and around the nose and eyes and tend to appear for no known reason.

Why do I get Milia?

In adults and teenagers the common causes of Milia are associated with skin damage from the sun and environmental influences, including steroid creams. If you try to squeeze the Milia they can become painful and you may break your capillaries causing further damage.

They can be professionally removed.

At Dermal Essence we utilize a number of treatments to remove the Milia. We use special Aesthetic Tools to remove the Milia or prescribe a series of good professional herbal peels to rebalance your skin.  It is always imperative you use good quality skin care and understand how your skin works to keep them from reoccurring.

You can keep them away with proper skin care.

That means regular cleansing with a quality cleanser, don’t forget the toner and a good prescriptive moisturizer.  You also need to ensure you exfoliate regularly – I don’t mean scrub the daylights out of your skin but be very gentle so as to lift the dead cells and preserve your new skin. And protect your skin from the elements at all costs.

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